Tutorial: Get An US Phone Number For Free

You are searching for a free US cell phone number ? Then you found the right article that will help you to get such a number. We will guide you through the steps of how to get a US phone number where you can receive calls and receive SMS messages. There are 4 methods that we will show you.

Google Voice method

Google voice is not available everywhere. Only in the USA with an US based phone number. 

With a Google Voice number you are able to make calls and receive calls for free in the US. Sending and receiving text messages is for free as well. 

TextPlus Method (App)

The free app "textPlus" or also known as "nextPlus" is available in the Apple AppStore and in the Google PlayStore.

This application  gives you a free US phone number after signung up. With this number you can send and receive unlimted text messages in the US.

The perfect alternative to receive SMS messages or SMS verification codes for free.

Public Phone Numbers Method

The last but not least method is the public phone number alternative. 

There are free web services that offer you free public US phone numbers that you can enter while a SMS verification process.

The advantage of such a service is that they work without registration. 

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